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Premium Programmatic: Attracting the Right Audience at Scale

As if defining programmatic wasn’t fun enough, add the word premium and you create something even less understood. Some interpret it as an oxymoron while others believe is the best of both worlds.  iMedia Connection

Making Mobile Ads Work

There is an opportunity to influence a vast number of consumers throughout their research and purchase decision cycle via mobile. To make the most of this opportunity, there is a need for continued understanding and innovation in mobile advertising — from publishers, agencies and marketers — to optimize consumer experiences and ad effectiveness.  MediaPost

Leaders at Financial Times, Condé Nast, NBCUniversal Accept 2014 Executive Officer Positions at the OPA

The Online Publishers Association announces its new Executive Officers for 2014. FT.com Managing Director Rob Grimshaw is named Chairman; Krishan Bhatia, EVP, Digital Strategy & Operations, NBCUniversal is Secretary; and Drew Schutte, EVP, Chief Integration Officer, Condé Nast is Treasurer.  Press Release

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