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Posted in News on 02/11/2013 By Mark Glaser & Courtney Lowery Cowgill

Undertone, Adap.tv lead on viewability

Should publishers be able to charge for ads that a site visitor never sees? That’s an issue on the front-burner and a couple companies are taking action to be leaders in guaranteeing “viewability” for marketers’ messages. Undertone is among the first ad network to, as Charlie Warzel puts it for AdWeek, “put its money where its mouth is” on viewability. The company has just announced its “Viewable Impression Guarantee Program” which basically means that it’s so sure that ads run through its network will beat industry standards that it will give brands refunds if they don’t. It will work with third party companies Double Verify and Moat to verify the data. Undertone co-founder Eric Franchi tells AdWeek, “The industry is taking too long and brands want solutions.”

Meanwhile, Adap.tv is also chomping at the bit, launching its “Certified Viewability” program—which it claims is the first certification process for viewability of video ads. The company is setting out to fix a well-known problem, one Troy Dreier of StreamingMedia.com explained like this: “Sometimes videos ads are played ‘below the fold’ or by screensavers that go unwatched. For advertisers looking for actual eyeballs, it’s a waste of money.” Adap.tv’s program is able to tell advertisers where ads are on a page, the size of the player and even allows the advertiser to block unviewable plays. Tom Bowman, the VP of global, strategy and sales operations at BBC Worldwide endorsed the program, saying in a release, “This type of data allows us to increase the value of our inventory and ultimately the value we bring to our advertising partners.”