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Posted in Research on 01/28/2013 By Mark Glaser & Courtney Cowgill

Marketers open up wallets for mobile

Marketers are gearing up to go beyond experiments and spend some real cash on mobile advertising. According to a new study from the Association of National Advertisers and MediaVest, 96 percent of marketers are already using or are planning to add mobile ads to their mix. And what’s more telling is that 85 percent of marketers say they are going to increase their mobile budgets in the near future. Advertisers (more than 83 percent) said brand building was at the top of the list of their objectives for mobile marketing and 78 percent said brand awareness was a key motivator. On “why mobile?” respondents said access to a unique audience, reach to people on the go and having location awareness were top motivators.

The study canvassed 68 client-side marketers in the fourth quarter of last year. It found that there are still major obstacles for marketers on mobile – mostly revolving around metrics, or lack thereof. Only 21 percent of marketers said they had solid success with their mobile campaigns and 42 percent said they didn’t have the proper metrics. Or, as Aaron Baar writes for MediaPost, “Mobile marketing is like sex: nearly everyone is doing it, many want to do it even more, but no one feels they’re doing it particularly well.”