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Posted in News on 01/14/2013 By Mark Glaser

CES: It’s about content now

When the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas first started, it was all about the flashy technology. And, to a certain extent, it still is. But today, CES isn’t just about the technology—it’s about content. After all, today’s technology has nearly a sole purpose: content delivery. It isn’t that the hardware doesn’t matter—it very much does. But, as Alex Pham writes for Billboard, “the best technology will often be the items that can make themselves disappear and put the content front and center.” So at this year’s CES, the real star has been content. Jeanniey Mullen, the Global Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of the news curation app Zinio put it this way in a Huffington Post piece, “For the first time in history, the consumer electronics industry is creating new technologies for the purpose of making content the hero. CES innovations showcase easier, better and more exciting ways to read, communicate, write and distribute.”

What does this mean for publishing? It means that it’s the dawn of a new era, as Mullen put it, one in which content producers and technologists and manufacturers are in the same industry—one where content and technology are married. As Jamie Lendino writes for PCMag: “It’s more about what apps you can run and what services you can use—especially now that, as a rule, hardware has become powerful enough to do what people want.” And what people want is content. Perhaps that’s why, as AdAge’s Michael Learmonth noted, that marketers flocked to CES this year. Learmonth writes that the gathering has become “a must-make stop for marketing chiefs who want to get their hands on the devices that are quickly changing the lives of consumers.”