OPA Intelligence Reports

Posted in Research on 11/19/2012 By Mark Glaser & Courtney Lowery Cowgill

Brands: publishers beat social media

Social media may be all the buzz, but when it comes to what brand advertisers really want—and get results from—premium content publishers are still tops. A new study from the Online Publishers Association (OPA) shows that overwhelmingly marketing and ad agency executives report higher levels of satisfaction with publishers than with social media. Of the 251 marketing and advertising agency executives surveyed for the study, called “Branding on Display,” 78 percent were satisfied with the results from premium content publishers compared to 51 percent with Facebook.

There were some areas in which social media held a slight advantage for respondents. Seventy-eight percent said social media is more effective at getting to specific audiences (73 percent for publishers) and 36 percent said it was better at targeting (vs. 31 percent for online media). But publishers had significant advantages on areas near and dear to advertisers. For instance, 63 percent (vs. 27 percent for social media) said premium publishers were better at meeting branding goals and 61 percent (vs. 20 percent for social media) said online media was a better venue for better brand quality. OPA honcho Pam Horan said, “While social media is perceived by marketers and agencies as a platform that delivers messages to their target audience and overall reach, premium content publishers are comparable with both priorities.”