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Posted in News on 11/19/2012 By Mark Glaser & Courtney Lowery Cowgill

Ad:tech 2012: Beyond the year of mobile

This year’s ad:tech conference had the ultimate challenge, trying to hold a conference post-Hurricane Sandy and before a brutal Nor’easter storm in New York. But thanks to technology, some folks were able to “participate” from afar. ClickZ’s Hollis Thomases couldn’t attend, but relied on “phone interviews, monitoring Twitter hashtags, reviewing speaker presentations, watching posted videos, and reading other columnists’ articles.” This year, mobile went from being talked about to becoming a reality. According to MillerCoors digital media manager Brian Lipman: “Mobile is no longer just consumption, it’s woven into the fabric of people’s daily lives.” ClickZ’s Thomases talked to “Location-Based Advertising” panelist Marcus Startzel of Millennial Media who shed more light on that idea. Thomases writes from her conversation with Startzel, “With mobile, the marketer can now literally define and serve ads not only by geography, but specifically by location. It flips the emphasis from content to the context of the user.”

Other themes of the conference were cutting-edge apps and the power of big data. As Mary Lisbeth D’Amico reports for ClickZ, three big developments poised to shake up the marketing industry include 3D projection, gesture-recognition technology and RFID tags. And on big data, two national brands Discovery Digital and 1800-Flowers showcased how powerful all those numbers can be. Data helped Discovery unlock social media to optimize marketing and 1-800 Flowers was able to use data to find new audiences. Crunching Omniture numbers, Discovery VP Matt Crenshaw found that “Facebook users are our most valuable audience,” consuming 60 percent more content than other users and coming back 50 percent more often than other users. “They are more engaged, come back more often, and share to twitter and Facebook more frequently. It’s like a continuous loop of traffic,” Crenshaw said.