Member Benefits

The OPA provides publishers with a variety of benefits including access to strategic market insight, private forums for information exchange tailored to all levels of your organization as well as public networking and intelligence events. Members will receive the following benefits and services:

Proprietary Research
Each year, the OPA undertakes major research initiatives in support of the online publishing industry. Most recently the OPA conducted research into:

  • Media consumption patterns of U. S. consumers
  • Tablet and smartphone content and advertising trends
  • Advertiser Perceptions of brand focused advertising online

For a complete listing of OPA research, visit the OPA Research area of this Web site.  Though top-line findings of most OPA research are made public, OPA members receive the complete research results, as well as company-specific results for custom projects.

Proactive Public Relations
The OPA provides ongoing media relations and outreach to key constituent groups and uses statements and advisories to comment on and support member initiatives that it believes are a positive development for the industry.

Benchmarking and Best Practices
The OPA conducts an annual operational and financial benchmarking study among its members. This study provides a basis from which member companies can make strategic business decisions. In addition, the OPA periodically documents prevailing practices among member companies covering areas such as pay practices, registration, privacy policies, and video on the Web, enabling OPA members to see how their practices compare to others in their industry.

The OPA conducts a series of public and private events in support of its members’ businesses. The OPA hosts Member Days targeting specific committees (Video, Mobile, Tech, etc.), research focused Insight Events and an annual summit for its members’ senior executives. The OPA also hosts a series of monthly committee and task force meetings on key topics of importance to the membership from research and video to legal and mobile. These forums are designed to share new research findings or discuss best practices.  To view a calendar of public OPA events, please click here.

Industry Intelligence
The OPA Intelligence Report, a bi-weekly e-mail newsletter, covers the latest news and research for the online publishing industry.  To sign up for the OPA Intelligence Report, use the module in the left sidebar.

Coordinated Legal/Legislative Strategies
The OPA acts as a center of gravity for its member organizations with respect to legal and legislative matters that affect online publishing, such as copyright issues, online privacy, spyware and CAN-SPAM. The OPA provides a forum for legal counsel and develops positions in conjunction with other industry trade groups with whom we share common cause to achieve the maximum impact before Congress and the Courts.  To view the OPA’s current Legislative Positions, please click here.

OPA Member Discounts
The OPA partners with organizations to offer its members discounts on events and business services. Be sure to indicate that you are an OPA member when looking into the discounts.

Like-minded Community
The OPA offers a like-minded community with common values, enabling senior executives and their staff in the online media industry to share thoughts, insights and ideas.


Member Criteria

Membership criteria are as follows:

  1. Applicants must create and distribute online content and commercially market such content through advertising, subscription sales, or sponsorship sales. Applicants may be public companies, private companies, not-for-profit companies, or divisions within companies.
  2. The applicant’s principal business must be the creation of original content by a dedicated professional editorial and content production staff for the purpose of online publishing. The size and composition of the staff may vary, but generally editorial and content production personnel will represent a significant portion of the total organization.
  3. The applicant’s online content must not be inappropriate, obscene or otherwise unlawful.
  4. The applicant must dedicate a portion of its staff to revenue generating activities whether they are ad sales, subscription sales, or sponsorship sales.
  5. Members must have demonstrated a commitment to the highest standards of online publishing for at least one year.
  6. Once admitted, members must demonstrate an on-going, scrupulous commitment to best practices for Online Publishing with respect to editorial quality and integrity, credibility and accountability.
  7. Applicants must agree that, upon acceptance, they will appoint the senior digital executive within their organization to serve as their OPA representative.
  8. The applicant must not market itself using techniques that OPA deems confusing or misleading to consumers.

Membership Dues

Membership dues for 2014 are as follows:

  • $70,000 annually for member organizations with annual revenues greater than $50m
  • $30,000 annually for member organizations with annual revenues less than $50m
  • $15,000 annually for member organizations with annual revenues less than $25m

In addition, divisions of large companies in which there is already at least one full member can join the OPA as an affiliated member for $30,000 per year.

OPA dues are based on total company revenues and not solely on revenues attributable to online activities.

Dues for companies which are owned or controlled by larger entities are based on the total revenues of the owner or controlling company.

Membership Application
If your organization meets the above criteria and you are interested in joining the OPA, please fill out our online application.


Member Application

If your organization meets the defined criteria and you are interested in joining the OPA, please fill out the following three-step application form.

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  • STEP 3: Advertising Policies & OPA Representation

    If accepted, who will serve as your representative to OPA?

    1. All of the information I have provided in this application is accurate to the best of my knowledge.
    2. I have read the membership criteria and determined that my company meets all of the defined criteria.
    3. I am aware of the annual dues which are a condition of membership in the OPA.
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