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Do-Not-Track Will Benefit Our Whole Industry

OPA CEO Jason Kint recently published an article in the Wall Street Journal suggesting that current efforts to protect consumer privacy in digital media were falling short. In any industry, it’s always better to be self-critical, perhaps overly so, rather than to assume one’s efforts are perfect. He suggested that a more vigorous “Do-Not-Track” (DNT) system might be part of the answer. Some in the industry took strong exception to those thoughts. |  MediaPost

Content All Stars Event

Content All Stars is an invitation-only OPA event designed for marketing executives and digital media leaders from a diverse range of businesses. Go to Content All Stars (www.contentallstars.org) to find out more, to request an invite or to learn about sponsorship opportunities.  PDF |  Press Release

The OPA Supports the FCC’s Goal of Protecting and Promoting an Open Internet

The OPA, the only trade association that exclusively serves the diverse needs of high-quality digital content companies, has offered the following comments in response to the Federal Communications Commission’s proposals for policies and regulations to ensure an open Internet. |  Press Release

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